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Save On Kratom

Save On Kratom is a company out of Springfield, Oregon. They maintain a decent selection of products including 15 premium kratom powders, 4 commercial kratom powders, 3 varieties of crushed kratom leaf, 2 kratom extracts and are one of the few companies to sell pre-bagged kratom tea bags. The site has links for kratom capsules but these are not actually sold at Save On Kratom. There is some basic and background information on kratom, though we found this noticeably lacking.

We enjoyed surfing this web-store, finding its simple layout easy to navigate without losing professionalism. Each product entry has a short description around a paragraph long. Save on Kratom also includes an expected effects quick summary which may be useful for improving one’s ability to personalize selection and meet individual needs.

Save On Kratom claims they ship all orders by the end of the following business day or earlier, Monday through Friday. They ship via USPS and offer First Class flat rate shipping for all orders less than $25 at the cost of $5. One exciting aspect of this vendor is the availability of free First Class shipping on orders of $25 or more. Uniquely, they offer insurance on purchases for two dollars. Tracking is provided for all orders though the buyer is responsible for postage and fees for any returned orders requiring reshipment. If you choose to order from Save On Kratom, make absolutely certain your shopping cart is correct as it will cost you $4.50 for any canceled order. This vendor makes it a pain to checkout with any method other than Visa. Their payment system is located overseas so you can expect addition fees from your bank.

Save On Kratom states they “try to reply to all emails within 1 business day” though we did not find this to generally be the case. What we found most disturbing about Save On Kratom was their privacy policy. Not all information collected is imperative to completing transactions and some information is shared with third parties.

Save On Kratom Review

We decided a Save On Kratom review was necessary and proceeded to make a variety of selections. We chose the Priemium Bali kratom powder, the Superior Red Dragon kratom powder, U.E.I. (Ultra Enhanced Indo) kratom extract, the Wildcraft Red Vein kratom tea bags and as always, the Maeng Da kratom powder. One particularly frustrating aspect of our selection process was that, despite the effect summary and descriptive paragraph, discussion regarding red vein kratom powder, white vein kratom powder and green vein kratom powder makeup was nearly nonexistent. When our package finally arrived the kratom powder contents we accurate and of appropriate weight.

Premium Bali: If this kratom powder is their “Premium Bali,” we would avoid the Commercial Bali completely. At roughly $13 an ounce this Bali is overpriced and below average.

Superior Red Dragon: This kratom powder was the most impressive for its price of $11.75 for one ounce. It was an interesting strain and did indeed have the proclaimed variation of effect across our test panel. Great kratom for the adventurous but not for those will a specific desire in mind.

U.E.I kratom extract: Ultra Enhanced Indo is one kratom extract of the Save on Kratom store’s two available extracts. The store claims it is active at .5 grams but their smallest unit of extract is only 1 gram and priced at $10.85. Even at 5g, the price remains a heafty $39. We did not achieve “Ultra Enhanced” effects with less than a gram of product. We agree the effects were reasonable for a kratom extract but for the price, U.E.I is simply not a cost effect method to enjoy kratom.

Wildcraft Red Vein kratom tea bags: These premade teabags intrigued us as we do not often see this type of product available. We enjoyed the end effect of the tea bags but believe we have had better experiences with loose Wildcraft Red Vein kratom. Perhaps these kratom tea bags were not as fresh as the loose kratom leaf we have had in the past. The lack of quality did not make up for the convenience of pre-weighed amounts. There is also a considerable markup for this mild benefit.

Maeng Da Kratom Powder: This Maeng Da Kratom Powder is moderately priced at $15.99 for 1oz. It was a quality Maeng Da and more enjoyable then others we have purchased of late. The strength was somewhat lacking however and duration was drastically less than we have come to expect. It is worth a try for the purpose of checking off your experience list. Expect the requirements of larger weight input and repeat practice to maintain expected results.

Conclusions regarding Save On Kratom

We came to appreciate the ease of use the Save On Kratom store provides and the simple selection of products. The international fees were compensated by the free shipping we received. The product descriptions were not a true representation of the kratom we purchased and we believe a more accurate account for the red vein kratom, the white vein kratom, and the green vein kratom basis of their products would be a huge help for all consumers.


Save on Kratom Review

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  1. Hello Everyone I would like to share with you my very worst experience with this website. First it started off really well I was placing my order to get Kratom the powder and everything seem to going well until I check my account later on that night, and that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that they claim that they didn't charge my account twice. I ask several time to speak with someone on the phone and even left my personal phone number for someone to call me, but no hasnt respond yet to my email. I will never never doing service with them again. I think I will be going back to my original website where I first order my Kratom. I can't even give them one star because that how upset I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!