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Sage Wisdom Botanicals

Sage Wisdom Botanicals

Sage Wisdom Botanicals have provided natural remedies and products online since 1998. They recently added kratom to their list of offered products. The claim that their kratom is chemically tested authentic kratom. Their knowledge in the realms of natural remedies, plants and herbs appears to be sound and trustworthy. 

When you first visit their website you may notice the distinct lack of a navigation bar. The majority of the site is one long stream of various information and products with random links placed about slapdash.

When you locate the space dedicated to kratom, we find that despite their typically thorough description of products and expectations, kratom products are simply labeled “Premium Quality Kratom” and “Ultra Potent Kratom. Sage Wisdom Botanicals does not provide any information as to what type of kratom they sell. We are unaware if it is Red Vein Kratom, Green Vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom or a house blend. It says nothing as to whether they are selling crushed kratom leaf or kratom powder. They only offer two kratom products and only sell in units of one, two, four, eight and sixteen ounces. The price for one ounce of “Premium Quality Kratom” is $40 and the price for one ounce of “Ultra Potent Kratom” is $65! That’s insane! When you see a product described as “regular-strength” and priced at $40 an ounce, the warning bells should start ringing. The outlandish prices almost prevented us from reviewing this vendor, but our duty to our readers and to our reputation pulled more weight. We did appreciate that they had kratom plants for sale but once again were driven away by the price. $65 for one kratom plant! 

Sage Wisdom Review

It wasn’t tough deciding what to review from this limited vendor. We hesitantly ordered 1 oz of the Sage Wisdom Premium Quality Kratom and 1 oz of the Ultra Potent Kratom. Shipping cost an additional $10.80 which apparently included a $5 processing fee. When our products finally arrived after a week of waiting the contents were underweight by over a gram each. Our product was received as kratom powder.

When testing the products, we followed their directed strength levels; testing 2g, 8g and 16.5g. We found that their “Premium Quality Kratom” seemed to contain larger quantities of green vein kratom and their “Ultra Potent Kratom” contained more red vein kratom.
When Sage Wisdom Botanicals describes their Premium Quality Kratom as “regular strength” it’s an over statement. There was a definitive strength difference between the premium and the ultra-potent but both severely missed the bar for the quality we have come to consider standard.

Conclusions regarding Sage Wisdom Botanicals

We like the folks at Sage Wisdom Botanicals but they have no business acting as a kratom vendor. Overpriced products, abysmal website design, sheer lack of variety and absent information regarding kratom powder content leads us to believe that Sage Wisdom Botanicals should be avoided at all cost when it comes to purchasing kratom.


Sage Wisdom Review

Price: (Very Overpriced. Can find better kratom anywhere else for less.)
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Sage Wisdom Shipping

Product (Quality, Variety): (Small Selection. Products were far below par.)
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