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Mmm Speciosa

Mmm Speciosa

Mmm Speciosa is another powerhouse in the kratom industry established in 2012 out of Austin, Texas. They have built a loyal customer following and remained "underground" for quite some time. As we reach the end of the first quarter of 2016, Mmm Speciosa still remains relevant for their potent products despite steep prices. We have purchased from this company in the past, but just for recreation. We finally feel that it is time to review Mmm Speciosa.

To start, Mmm Speciosa has a product selection of over 72 items. They sell their products in 4 different increments: 10 g, 25g, 50g, and 100g and offer sample packs for new and returning customers to check our new strains they have for sale. All in all, Mmm Speciosa carries a variety of about 20 different items. Before you read too far into this review one thing to note is their prices. These guys boasts high price tags of up to $0.50 per gram so if you are on a budget you may want to consider other vendors. 

Mmm Speciosa has all of the popular kratom strains like Bali (red vein & green vein), Red Borneo, and Red Vein Maeng da kratom powder. They also have more unique products like White Java powder. It is important to note that Mmm Speciosa does not sell kratom is any other form other than powder. If you enjoy kratom capsules you will have to buy your own empty shells and fill your own. Although kratom extracts have become more popular it is actually a good sign that these guys do not sell it. Typically, vendors who sell kratom extracts hike an inflated price and market their products as a "legal high" to consumers. We don't feel that this gives justice to Mitragyna Speciosa plant as this will just lead to legislation banning it quicker despite its healing properties. Enough about that, on to the review.

Mmm Speciosa Review

To begin, the products we decided to purchase from this company were Plantation Maeng da, Red Bali, and White Vein Indo.  We purchased a 50 gram bag of each.  Speciosa offers a free sampler if you buy a 100 gram bag so if you are interested in trying out their selection, this may be your best bet.

We received our kratom about 6 days after we placed the order. The package was very discreet and our products were in plastic bag with a subtle logo on it. As we usually do, we decided to try what we thought would be our favorite...Plantation Maeng da. Our expectations were high for this company being that we have always heard very good things about Mmm Speciosa. We planned an entire night to try this product so we went big and each took 7.5 grams. We had planned to take 2.5 grams more after a couple hours. We will start by saying that this product took approximately 45 minutes to kick it and was not subtle to any extent. After about 1.5 hours this Plantation Maeng da was in full effect and was one of the most potent products we have had the opportunity to try. It was a very "clean" feeling in that we were sedative, but not groggy. It was very mood enhancing and a very pleasurable experience. The sleep was very restful as well and we woke up feeling clear headed and refreshed. As we expected, this is definitely a product to be recommended.

Next we tried the Red Bali. We took the same dosage and also had high expectations after we had such a good experience with the Plantation Maeng da.  After about an hour the Bali hit us harder than the Maeng da did a few nights before. It was extremely sedating almost to an uncomfortable state. The experience was not as appealing as the Plantation's, but it was strong. We do not take kratom for pain, but can imagine that this one would do the trick. For those using it recreationally, we would not recommend.

On to the White Vein Borneo..after our last experience with the Red Bali, we were very happy not to have the anticipation of a sedative strain of kratom. We decided to take a slightly smaller dose of 6 grams each to start and taking another 2 grams after a couple of hours. Like other white vein's we have used, it was very stimulating and energizing. The "clarity" that other white vein's possess was lacking in Mmm Speciosa'a. Although we were feeling energized, the stimulating was a little excessive that made it not as enjoyable as it could have been. We thought we may have taken too much so we decided to use the rest at a much smaller dose a couple nights later. We had the same experience, except the stimulation was mild. We still had the same "uneasy" feeling that we had before. We would recommend a different strain.

Conclusions Regarding Mmm Speciosa

This is a trustworthy company who has been in business for a long time selling quality kratom. Their product is potent, but is much more expensive than average online vendors. The good news is that you need less of their products to feel desired effects, but some of their merchandise can be a little "too strong" for the average buyer. We like the fact that this company is very subtle with their marketing and let their products sell themselves. We had a great experience with their Plantation Maeng da and recommend this strain to anyone considering making a purchase. Just remember, Mmm Speciosa only offers kratom powder so be prepared to make capsules yourself or prepare your product the way you like it. It is a minor inconvenience for some, but a deal breaker for others. All in all, this is a company we look forward to trying again.


Mmm Speciosa Review

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