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The Leaping Leaf

The Leaping Leaf

The Leaping Leaf has been in the kratom business for some time. They maintain one of the more user friendly kratom web-stores. Categorized by strain and blend expectation, time can be saved for the informed consumer with specific aspirations in mind. The Leaping Leaf also boasts one of the more diversified product spreads of the online kratom market. We knew right away this vendor out of Lebanon, Georgia required our attention.

Upon further inspection we discovered that some of our initial praise was unfounded. They have an immense selection including 43 varieties composed of blends and strains, though we found some of the products we not currently for sale. The descriptions for their blends were not nearly detailed enough to convey the true differences between them. We imagine they have the best intentions but we struggled making our decision when debating what to review. For all their “variety,” The Leaping Leaf does not offer kratom capsules, nor do they currently offer any kratom extract or kratom tincture. They offer kratom powder in 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, and 200g units. Though the price reduction is relatively considerable as the size is increased, the cost begins significantly elevated and The Leaping Leaf remains one of the most expensive online kratom vendors.

The Leaping Leaf claims an impressive privacy policy, using consumer data purely for the purpose of processing orders and removing customer information on a regular basis. Perhaps the most aggravating aspect of this kratom vendor is you can only place an order to buy kratom powder when the store is open! Store hours are advertised 8am-5pm EST. They recently changed the cut off time to 1pm EST! To put this into perspective, those living in PST must purchase kratom powder between the hours of 5am and 10am. We don’t know about the daily habits of our readers but we do not regularly schedule online shopping time between the hours of 5am and 10am on weekdays. Why they don’t take orders at all hours and simply FILL THEM during office hours is beyond us.

The Leaping Leaf Review

When we finally managed to place an order during the correct hours we chose five kratom powders to try. The shipping costs was above normal and we waited beyond the predict delivery time table. When customer service finally replied they gave us the same hogwash that is found on their “Payment and Shipping FAQ” page about having no control over delivery speed. Fortunately the products did arrive in the unmarked parcel as promised. We ordered the New Premium Bali Kratom, the EP Kratom powder, the PG Maeng Da Kratom, the Superior kratom blend and the Kalimantan Red Vein Kratom. Our package did not contain our New Premium Bali Kratom and instead had Premium Commercial Bali Kratom. We decided to simply review the Premium Commercial Bali rather than waiting any longer. The weights were correct on the powder except for the Superior Kratom Blend which was a little underweight. 

New Premium Bali Premium Commercial Bali: Our issues with this Bali did not end with receiving the incorrect type. We were unimpressed and hope that customers who actually receive the New Premium Bali have a better experience then we had with the Premium Commercial Bali.

EP: This kratom powder was by far our favorite of the five products we purchased. It most thoroughly matched The Leaping Leafs description and if we settled for this vendor again we would likely purchase more.

PG Maeng Da: Recalling its description as the “only TRUE Maeng Da on the market,” one of our reviewers said “I hope not!” This Maeng Da is highly overpriced for the recordable effects. We hope the other Maeng Da strains from this vendor are more remarkable.

Superior Blend: This blend is one of the more expensive products available from The Leaping Leaf. The description claims it contains “a generous portion of our special inhouse enhancer.” We weren’t thrilled by this description but we always strive to provide range and depth in our reviews. The result was dismal. Whatever this is, it didn’t provide the kratom effects that we have come to desire in the kratom community. 

Kalimantan Red Vein: We have come to love Kalimantan Red Vein kratom powder. This kratom powder was a cut above most of our experiences throughout The Leaping Leaf Review but did not receive our highest ranks for Kalimantan Red Vein.

Conclusions regarding The Leaping Leaf

Despite having a wide variety of kratom powder products, The Leaping Leaf fell short when it came time to impress us in person. The site is user friendly but the ordering hours are asinine and the parcels are not double checked. We can’t help and wonder if their other products are superior to the ones we received but it is hard to say whether or not that is the entire point to their vast inventory. If you choose to shop at The Leaping Leaf we hope you enjoy a better overall experience, though we wouldn’t count on it.


Leaping Leaf Review

Price: (Very Expensive)
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Shipping (Cost, Time for Delivery): (At least 10 days)
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Product (Quality, Variety): (Decent Variety, Lacking Quality)
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  1. I think he might be out of business. Placed an order back in November which never arrived and never received a response to my inquiries (prior to that, excellent place).

  2. I think he might be out of business. Placed an order back in November which never arrived and never received a response to my inquiries (prior to that, excellent place).