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Kratom StrainsLike most consumable plants each strain of kratom produces a different effect. There are primarily 3 different forms of kratom that is sold in the market today: Red Vein, White Vein, Green Vein. The vein simply refers to the stem on the leaf.  You have also probably heard vendors say that they are selling "Maeng da Kratom" as well. Maeng da is actually a powerful blend and is usually sold at a premium.
Maeng da was originally from Thailand, but it is difficult to tell where exactly it is coming from in today's market. The only thing you need to know about Maeng da is that you will feel a powerful punch (most of the time) when you take it.

There are other important things to note about kratom strains. The region in which kratom is cultivated determines what effects it will produce as well. The variety (vein type) is a big deciding factor, but the region play a significant role as well. We have discussed how each of these kratom strains will affect you and where you can buy them.

We will briefly summarize how each strain and variety with affect you. Be sure to click the link if you desire more great information.

Maeng da Kratom - Very potent "strain". This is usually just a blend of a vendor's strongest product. Can be described as a stronger version of red-vein. Primarily used for sedation, euphoria, and is a strong analgesic.

Red Vein Kratom - Known for being "opiate-like" in that it possesses pain killing, euphoric effects. Not usually as strong as what Maeng da is sold as, but a great alternative. Not nearly as sedative as Maeng da.

Green Vein Kratom - Most well-rounded variety of Mitragyna Speciosa. There are multiple alkaloids that produce the effects most of us seek from the plant and green vein is known for being very balanced. It's stimulating and can be euphoric without all of the sedation that you would normally get with a red vein or Maeng da.

White Vein Kratom - Stimulating variety of  the plant. Anyone who has researched mitragynine has heard the story of workers toiling the fields chewing on kratom leaf. This is the type they were chewing. White vein has stimulating properties that keeps the mind clean and sharp. You don't have to worry about a caffeine crash later either.

Bali Kratom - Bali is an island in Indonesia, hence the name. Bali grown kratom has remained popular for hundreds of years and has been known as one of the favorites in the market today. The supply of Bali had diminished, but has made a resurgence over the past couple of years providing user's with effects somewhere between Red Vein and Maeng da. This is a very sedative strain and is very potent. Lower doses recommended for newer users.

Borneo Red Vein Kratom - Borneo is another island in Indonesia (see the pattern yet?). This strain, like Bali, has also remained quite popular and is a big seller in the online market today. As kratom becomes more popular, consumers continue leaning towards red vein hard hitters. Strains of kratom that sedative, kill pain, and are euphoric. Borneo will do all three, but to a lesser extent than Bali and Maeng da. This is known as the "relaxation strain". Great for anti-anxiety and sleep.

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