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The Kratom King is a longtime member of the online kratom world, boasting a 2005 copyright. They have a moderate selection including nine kratom powders, two crushed kratom leaf options, two kratom capsule blends and one custom kratom extract. Unfortunately, some of their products have a limit on the number of units you can order at once. The Kratom King has a section for product samples (10g) that are cheaper or equivalent to the gram per dollar rate when compared to the price rate for 1 oz orders of the sampled products. This holds true for all except the rates for Ultra Red Vein Indo Kratom and the Maeng Da Thai Kratom. 

The Kratom King offers invoice-free delivery which is ideal for customers looking to maintain an increased level of privacy. Kratom King’s delivery fees are competitive when ordering large amounts of product but fall short to companies that offer free shipping for larger orders. Their cheapest option for delivery, USPS cost $5 for under 1lb, $11.75 for 1lb to less than 4lbs and $17 for 4+ lbs. The Kratom King has an incentive program for repeat customers and offers a 5% discount on purchases after the first $500 spent and a 10% discount on purchases after the first $1000.

One interesting aspect of this vendor is they offer Live Chat Hours from 9am to 3pm Monday through Thursday, 12pm to 3pm on Friday and 10am to 1pm on Saturday all CST. We assume this is a valuable feature though we weren’t able to reach a service agent regardless of a week of attempts during the correct hours. 

We went ahead and gave The Kratom King a chance to impress us and order a variety of products. We applied our standard test and purchased an ounce of their high end Maeng Da Thai Kratom powder, an ounce of mid-range Ultra Red Indo Kratom, and a sample of the low-end classic Bali/PC Kratom capsules. We also had to try a sample of their Kratom Extract X. We decided to splurge for overnight shipping and placed our order around 10am on a Tuesday.

The products did not arrive till Thursday late afternoon. We can only assume that our order was not processed until Wednesday. We performed our standard product weight tests to ensure our order was correctly filled. The Ultra Red Indo Kratom correctly weighed in at just over an ounce. It was an impressive mid-range Kratom and ranked well with past Reds. The Bali/PC Kratom capsules sample had the correct number of capsules though there was a wide variability in the weight of individual caps. This lack of consistency was aggravating from a value stance and a unit regiment stance. The Maeng Da Thai Kratom was a competitive Maeng Da though our “ounce” was about 4 grams short. By far the kratom Extract X was their most impressive product. Our only complaint was we only purchased a sample.

Conclusions regarding The Kratom King:
Overall our experience provided moderate satisfaction. Your products will arrive eventually and the package will contain the majority of what you ordered. If you’re choosing kratom capsules with the hopes of easily controlling your kratom amount, steer clear. We recommend this vendor only to those interested in trying their custom kratom extract and those looking for competitive mid-rage red vein kratom.


Kratom King Review

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