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When using this special plant it is always important to know the effects of kratom. Click the links below or select the drop down menu for kratom effects, experiences, and how you should properly dose.

Kratom is unique in that the dose almost exclusively provides a particular effect unlike other substances where the effect is the same no matter the dose, albeit at a minimal capacity.  Kratom can be a stimulant, depressant, analgesic (pain relief), and sedative all depending on the dose that you take and the variety you choose. Click on our link about dosing to see what level you need to take to attain your desired kratom effect.

Here is a brief summary of what information you might find if you tour our "effects" pages.

Kratom Side Effects - Read ALL side effects that you may experience with Mitragyna Speciosa. This is includes short term, long term, and possible interactions. It is always important to have all of your facts cross checked before making the decision to use mitragynine or any other alkaloid of kratom.

Kratom Experiences - Read others' experiences before you try the plant for the first time or even if you want to try something new. It never hurts to have someone else be the guinea pig for you. We have solved all of your problems by breaking it down experiences for you so that you can make smart, well thought out decisions.

Kratom Erowid - If KratoMart doesn't have all of the information you need, we have provided another resource. Erowid is a close partner of KratoMart's and we really respect what they do.

Kratom Dosing - Very important article! Its ALL about dosing when using kratom. Your dose directly correlates with a particular effect of a strain. Also, its best to be responsible when using the plant as well. There is no reason that kratom cannot be enjoyed by all if a proper dosing guide is available. New users start slow and work your way up. You can always take more later!

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