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Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom is another vendor that has taken the online market by storm in 2016 based in Pompano, Florida. Kraken Kratom began popping up in major kratom discussion boards and outlets in late 2015 and has retained popularity into the middle of 2016 so we figured it was time to give them a shot. The one thing you will notice about Kraken Kratom right away is their marketing. Whoever resides in their marketing department needs a raise because we have spotted the green Kraken "Octopus" pretty much on every corner we turn. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but typically quality kratom will sell itself so we were a little skeptical before trying them.

Some of the first things to note about Kraken Kratom is their promotions. As spoken about before, marketing is a prominent theme with this company..and that includes inter site related aspects too. They offer a 10% discount for sharing them on social media and also have a promotion where you earn points for discounts on their kratom stock. You earn points by registering on their site, rating products, subscribing to their newsletter, liking them on Facebook, and so on. Once you earn 100 points you are eligible to receive $1 off next time you buy kratom. It's hard to not appreciate free money, but unfortunately these rewards seem pretty tough earned.

So, we are sure that it sounds like we have a salty taste in our mouth from all of these advertising schemes. Kraken Kratom does have features that are quite appealing when you are ready to buy kratom online. They offer free same day shipping, free fed-ex overnight on orders over $199, and free Collect on Delivery (CoD) on all orders.

Regarding Kraken Kratom's product selection...they have over 25 diverse selections to choose from. They have kratom powders and extracts of all of the typical big sellers like Maeng da, Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI), and Bali. Kraken Kratom also offers fresher products on the market like Gold Elephas kratom powder and Sumatra kratom powder. They seem to offer pretty decent prices with smaller packs costing about $0.30 per gram. You are given better deals for larger orders and can even purchase some of their kratom powders for as low as $0.20 per gram. Their extracts can run you about $7.00 per gram.

Kraken Kratom Review

So when we finally decided to buy kratom from these guys we went with Sumatra Kratom Powder (white vein), Bali Kratom Leaf, Red Dragon Kratom Powder, and Full Spectrum Maeng da Extract. The Maeng da extract was the one we were most excited about being that reviews on this item have been overwhelmingly positive. One thing to note right off the bat is that Kraken Kratom does not offer kratom capsules. This isn't a huge deal for us, but the convenience of capsules is always a quick sell. Edit- Kraken Kratom now offers kratom capsules! They are great for on the go consumption and you can always take the correct dosage. Fortunately, for us...we have our own capsule machine and decided to turn the Sumatra powder and the Red Dragon powder into capsules. We brewed a tea from the Bali Kratom leaf. Also to note, our package arrived in just 3 days after ordering,  which is a lot quicker than we had expected!

We will being with the kratom tea we made from the Bali leaf. We purchased 56 grams and made a batch of tea for all of us to try. The beautiful thing about Bali kratom is that this is one of the standards in the industry to it is easy to compare between other vendors. To note, we always brew a fairly strong batch while reviewing to ensure that we feel the full effects in order to provide adequate reviews. On average, about 25 minutes after consumption we noticed strong Bali characteristics. The taste was amazing compared to other Bali kratom reviewed, and the sedation was very noticeable. Bali is typically known for its euphoric properties like Maeng da, and it was more euphoric than anticipated. Kraken Kratom's Bali was very relaxing and lasted 4-6 hours! All in all, we agree that their Bali Kratom Leaf is slightly above average and is sedative and euphoric at the same time.

Next, we each tried 5 grams of Sumatra kratom powder. One of the primary reasons we chose this strain is because it is one that is relatively new to the online market. We consider ourselves experts on the subject and have only had one other opportunity to try it. One of the first effects most of us felt were the overwhelming stimulating properties of this strain. White veins usually produce this effect, but the Sumatra powder was much stronger than average strains. If you buy Sumatra powder, we suggest to start at a low dose. We noticed that it was difficult to sleep and relax.

Red Dragon Kratom powder was one of the more expensive strains Kraken had for sale. It is not listed on their website what variety this "strain" is so it was difficult to anticipate the effects. Like Sumatra, Red Dragon isn't a mainstream strain like Maeng da and Bali so we wanted to get a little bit more information out of it especially being that Kraken is charging a premium for this stuff. We again each took our normal dose of 5 grams and waited to feel the effects. Unlike the other two strains, the effects took a bit longer to kick in. About approximately 45 minutes later we were feeling sedative and relaxed, and to a very high extent. About another hour later we were feeling great,  but we also felt a bit tired as well.  This would be the perfect strain for someone looking to get some help falling asleep at night,  or if you are trying to get in a very relaxed state.

Lastly, it was time to try what we had anticipated to be their best kratom for sale; Full Spectrum Maeng da Kratom extract. We want to start by saying that we typically do not recommend extracts due to the fact that it is much more difficult to control your dose and the selling price is not proportionate to what you would have had if you purchased regular kratom powder. Either way, we have heard good reviews of this product so wanted to give it a whirl. We each took about a gram orally. As we had anticipated, the Full Spectrum Maeng da extract lived close to its full potential. By far the most euphoric product that we purchased and the sedation minimal. The only downfall of this product is its price. At $7.00 per gram, there are most cost-efficient routes to go. We would recommend this product if it was cheaper, but if you decide you want to buy kratom for Kraken then we would choose this product if you aren't on a tight budget.

Conclusions Regarding Kraken Kratom

Even with the flashy ads and banners,  Kraken Kratom is  an elite company in the industry. Their products may be a bit pricy here and there but the high quality makes up for that. Customer service is greate and shipping time is punctual. Kraken Kratom now offers kratom capsules and their extracts are extremely potent. We have spent a lot of time in the kratom industry and know that flashiness and in your face advertising is usually a sign of weak products,  but that is certainly not the case with Kraken Kratom! In this case, Kraken Kratom's products were amazing for the most part. There aren't many websites that have better quality than Kraken Kratom!


Price: (Slightly Overpriced)

Shipping (Cost, Time for Delivery): (About a week - In state)

Product (Quality, Variety): (Mediocre Quality/Variety)

WebStore (User Friendly, Customer Service, Established):


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