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Coastal Kratom

Coastal Kratom

Coastal Kratom is a newer company in the western world of kratom based out of Charleston, SC. They strictly sell kratom powder and seem to have a strong sense of the strains and blends they offer. Each product entry has an adequate description include origin of the individual product and typical effects expected. They offer 14 varieties including house blends and several specific and lesser sold kratom strains. The website store also includes several pages of kratom Q&A, history of kratom and other useful information.

The site layout could improve. Though it is aesthetically pleasing, other than the bulky header, the main products page is set up in the classic “endless scroll” fashion causing the user to scroll through all of the lengthy descriptions to locate there desired product. The “Bulk Purchases” page improves this issue but the page itself is entirely unnecessary. The products on the main product page can only be “added to cart” in 1oz units, while the “Bulk Purchases” page sells the majority of the products and only provides 4oz and 8oz units. There is not much “bulk” to these amounts and the reduction in price for bulk purchases is nearly nonexistent.

Coastal Kratom claims they ship same business day for orders Monday through Saturday before Noon EST. They also provide flat rate shipping of $3.99 for First Class Shipping which is very competitive to say the least. They vow to maintain the privacy of consumer personal information and ship in discreet plain packaging concealing the contents and their company name. At Kratomart, we place high value in privacy and were quite happy to see it practiced. We had to give Coastal Kratom powder a chance.

Coastal Kratom Review

Coastal Kratom had us intrigued so we had to give a handful of their varieties a try. We purchased The “Bright Eyes” Blend, the Superior Bentuangie “Tropical Blast”, the Premium Plantation Bali, the Hulu Kapuas (Kalimantan) and of course, the Ultra Premium Maeng Da. The products we actually shipped same day as our order, though it took 3 buisness days for delivery. The package was indeed un-marked and all products were included. The weight was spot on for the kratom powder packages.

The “Bright Eyes” Blend: This kratom powder was a blend of red vein kratom, green vein kratom and white vein kratom. Coastal Kratom claimed that this blend would “hold it’s own” with their other strains. We found it to be a well-balanced kratom blend with a little something missing. We agree that the effects of the three varieties of kratom leaf were evident but not overly pronounced. Perhaps a few more months of tweaking will improve this blend.

Superior Bentuangie “Tropical Blast”: This kratom strain had an interesting bio on Coastal Kratom which leading us to giving it a try. It was not at all what we would expect from red vein kratom. Interesting name, ineffective kratom.

Premium Plantaion Bali: This red vein kratom strain is described as “most popular” and “good choice if you are just starting out with kratom.” This may be the most ineffective “Premium” Bali that we have come across. We assume that it is great for starting out due to one’s lack of ability to discern between excellent and poor quality kratom.

Hulu Kapuas (Kalimantan): Coastal Kratom claims this strain is “very rare and unique strain of kratom,” “harvested only from very mature trees.” This red vein kratom was by far our favorite strain available from this vendor. It stood out among our other recent reds and was notably effective.

Ultra Premium Maeng Da: This white vein kratom powder was stronger than the other kratom strains and kratom blend we received from Coastal Kratom. We did not agree, however, that it was “the strongest Maeng Da found anywhere.” Though it was a respectable Maeng Da, we found this to be the most disappointing product due to severe inability to live up to the hype.

Conclusions regarding Coastal Kratom

Coastal Kratom is likely to hold its own in the industry due to its unique strains and adequately user-friendly webstore. Flat rate shipping was a plus though lack of discounts for bulk purchases leads us to believe Coastal Kratom is not for repeat customers. If you choose this vendor, we recommend sticking with their “unique” strains for personal experience sake and avoiding their Ultra Premium Maeng Da if you want to avoid disappointment.


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