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Kratom LeafThe most traditional way to use Mitragyna Speciosa is when you buy kratom leaves. Southeast Asian natives used to chew the plant's leaves which gave them powerful boosts of energy and motivation to endure the hot sun while they worked the fields or whichever particular job they had.

Although kratom leaf isn't that conventional in regard to accessibility and easy consumption, there are plenty of uses that would inspire one to buy the raw form. In the leaf form kratom can be converted to extract, powder, tea, capsules, and even chewed if that's what you prefer. The leaf form is cheap and is universal which always makes it a good buy.

There are four main strains of kratom leaf that can be purchased. Red vein is of the euphoric variety that offers a powerful punch which works as a great pain killer. Green Vein is usually from Malaysia and is also a heavy hitter, but is more sedating than Red Vein. White vein is your energetic strain of kratom that gives you boosts of mental energy. The last "strain" is Maeng da Kratom which is actually not a strain Mitragyna Speciosa at all. Maeng da is technically a blend of different kratom leaves that is designed for strength and power.

Just remember, extract is not always the best answer. You always have flexibility if you buy kratom leaf.

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