Borneo Red Vein Kratom

Borneo Red Vein KratomLike Premium Bali, Borneo Red Vein Kratom has long been known in the kratom industry as being one of the most "relaxing" strains on the market. Hailing from the island of Borneo in southeast Asia, this red vein variety has grown in its jungles for thousands of years. Unlike its stimulating white vein cousins, Borneo red vein has supplied natives with an all-natural remedy for relaxation and sleep.

Borneo red vein most closely resembles Maeng da due to its intense characteristics and effects. Borneo red vein has long been used for symptoms of depression, pain, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and even high blood pressure. For those experiencing chronic pain, Borneo red vein is by far the best strain for controlling pain for great lengths of time with Maeng da being the only close second.

Being that this red vein variety typically packs a great punch, start with a smaller dose than you normally would take if you are an experienced kratom user. We suggest under 6 grams for newer users and under 10 grams for experienced.

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